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Day 494 (Thailand Day 41)

I decided to put my hard-earned dishwashing money to ill-use and get myself a new tattoo. It is inspired by my time working with two Aboriginal guys at Mornington Wilderness Park in Western Australia. The tattoo reads, ‘nothing serious, just temporary’ with the letters spaced out evenly in a triangle. This became a joke between us as we were constructing a temporary home for some chickens. We ended up making a wonky structure, but decided it was fine, given that it only needed to be temporary. Somehow saying ‘nothing serious, just temporary’ became a thing whenever something didn’t go right, escalating to the point where someone would joke about something like accidentally cutting an arm off, but would add that ‘it’s okay, nothing serious, just temporary’. You probably had to be there…

The words stuck with me as they have relevance to many aspects of life. Like now, it can apply to the pain of riding a laden bicycle up a mountain. The pain feels very serious at the time but it goes away the moment the summit is reached, at which point you can revel in your achievement. When things aren’t going well, it’s nice to remember that such times are only temporary and life goes on. I wasn’t actually expecting to get the tattoo today, but the shop I chose wasn’t busy when I walked in, so they were happy to do it on the spot. Earlier in the day I picked up my passport from the Myanmar embassy – I am now good to go. I also re-tensioned my bike’s belt (chain) and changed the oil in my Rohloff hub. The bike is in tip top condition once again!

Day 494 (pic)


Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km

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