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Day 503 (Thailand Day 50)

I woke up this morning with absolutely no idea where I would ride. Once my bike was prepared for the day, I opened my Maps.me app and searched for a place I should aim for. My finger wandering led me to Lopburi, which I could reach with a fairly easy day’s ride along a minor road that followed the course of the Lopburi River. I could even head out of Ayutthaya via the Queen Suriyothai Monument, where an impressive sculpture of a war elephant being ridden by warriors can be found. I followed my planned route and arrived in Lopburi in the early afternoon. I spent the next couple of hours exploring both the old and new parts of town. As an old capital of Siam, Lopburi is home to quite a few old temples, which in turn are home to mischievous monkeys. Eventually, I found myself a place to spend the night and on cleaning myself up, I passed the late afternoon by dozing on the verandah of my chosen guesthouse and watching the street slowly fill with market stalls, all the while sipping on a delicious banana/pineapple/honey smoothie. When I couldn’t resist the smells any longer, I wandered through the stalls and from three took away a considerable feast to enjoy at home on the balcony outside my room.

Day 503 (pic)

Queen Suriyothai

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 83.46km
Average cycling speed 19.8kph
Total distance ridden 13,137km

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