The scenery is getting more agricultural, dominated by open fields with a smattering of small cattle holdings. I was thinking I might ride to Nakhon Sawan but I eventually realised I wouldn’t make it. Instead, I diverted towards Uthai Thani and had a very pleasant ride through the town of Nam Suem and past the dazzling sight of Wat Tha Sung, where a couple of temples are entirely covered in mirror tiles. A two-minute ferry ride took me across the Sakae Krang River, from where I could continue my way into Uthai Thani.

On my way into town I saw a sign displaying the English words Health Bike Touring, then once in the town centre I came across a sign by the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sakae Krang River that said ‘Bike Route Start’. I approached a group of cyclists who were on the bridge and asked about the cycle path. Intended to be a nationally (even internationally) renowned track, it apparently never lived up to its hopes and has faded from public attention. I instantly began to contemplate riding it in the morning and featuring it in my Thailand video.

Finally ready to find a home, I checked into a ‘resort’ (resort by name but not nature) and, given the fact that this is not a tourist town, I managed to score a luxurious room at a cheap price. I have just walked into town for dinner and I’m awaiting my meal. I am not entirely sure what I’m getting as ordering is a tricky business when you can’t communicate with words. I chose this place as it had pictures of meals on display, but on pointing at one I discovered that they don’t actually serve what’s in the pictures; they are just there for decoration. Fortunately, they got the gist of what I wanted and indicated that they would make something for me. Luckily, I’m not fussy about what I eat. I should just learn how to say, ‘Give me a plate of anything, just make it a humungous serving’.

Day 504 (pic)

Sakae Krang in Uthai Thani

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 118.77km
Average cycling speed 20.4kph
Total distance ridden 13,256km