Aaaand I’m drunk. This means I’m feeling incredibly happy with life and if I can only keep my handwriting legible, I can convey the day that culminated in numerous rounds of beer at a roadside food stall. I woke up knowing my body was in need of a rest so I resolved to only ride as far as Nakhon Sawan. I stuck to the main road for the first third of the ride (due to not paying serious attention to where I was going rather than any real desire to) before pulling off onto a minor road that led me through crop fields and past small towns where I received a lot of curious stares. I have attracted a lot of attention over the last couple of days as I am moving through little-visited places. Policeman keep stopping me to ask where I’m going. On reaching Nakhon Sawan, I proceeded to nap through the afternoon. In the evening I went out in search of dinner and found a great food place in a road-side stall. On my first visit, I ate an incredibly delicious meal that was the cheapest I’d had in Thailand so far (25b). Then I went walking further into town in search of a second meal. It wasn’t long before I decided to return to the same place to eat some more. As I approached for my second visit, I was waved in by a guy sitting in the background. I was handed a beer and obeyed a hand-signed instruction to sit myself down. The empty space in my stomach filled with beer through the night as I hung out. I learned that I was spending time with a family comprising five siblings. A bunch of their friends passed through the night as well. Conversation was minimal until the youngest sibling, a girl in high school, turned up and acted as translator. With alcohol flowing in my veins, I was tempted to have a night out on the town but only one other guy was keen and our communication was limited to sign language so I knew a night out would become awkward. I decided to accept that I’d had a great night anyway and say good night. I returned to my nearby guesthouse and am drunkily snug in bed.

Day 505 (pic)

Happy drunk

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 61.86km
Average cycling speed 20kph
Total distance ridden 13,318km