Yesterday as my left hand slid over the smooth skin of my left bum cheek, I felt the horrifying early signs that a blister was emerging from the depths. This is the stuff of my worst nightmare. My greatest fear. Bum blisters are my most intimidating adversary. I spent the day trying to appease the blister gods with Vaseline, which I applied thickly every 20km. These lube breaks also gave my private area a chance to cool down – bike shorts are not good for ventilation or draining sweat and I think the wet heat is conducive to the formation of blisters. Despite my concerns about the state of my bum, my day was otherwise fine. It was a day to make distance rather than explore, so I just stuck to the main road all the way to Kamphaeng Phet. About 15km south of town the road was lined with market stalls, some selling all manner of woven products and others selling dried fruit like sliced banana and pumpkin. I stopped at one where a lady was frying banana (or plantain) slices, revealing just how fresh the packaged products are. I couldn’t resist getting a bag of sliced pumpkin, a bunch of bananas and a packet of dried nut/honey stuff. Once in town and checked into a guesthouse, I wandered to the night market where I ate my fill of amazing food for only 65b. I have just started researching Myanmar. I have learned enough to know that it might be challenging to travel there on a budget without risking negative interactions with the authorities (you are not allowed to camp or stay with locals, but instead have to sleep in government-registered hotels which are reportedly expensive for what you get).

Day 506 (pic)

Best shop ever

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 124.60km
Average cycling speed 21.4kph
Total distance ridden 13,443km