I went to bed half thinking I would have a rest day today. A bad night’s sleep made it a certainty. I stayed in bed as the little room I’m in heated slowly through the day. By midday it was stifling and I was hungry, so I ventured out into the bustling Sunday food market and ate my fill of noodle soup, meat on a stick and a banana smoothie that was more sugar than banana (thanks to Thailand’s addiction to condensed milk). I returned to the awesome guesthouse and whiled away the afternoon doing odd jobs until it was time to visit the night market again. At one point during dinner the power went out and the hundreds of people gathered across the site let out an amused cry, followed by a cheer about two minutes later when the lights came back on. The guesthouse I’m staying at is pretty cool; one of those magical places that has tiny paths winding haphazardly through a beautiful mess of gardens, ponds and gazebos, with a random collection of artefacts stuck here, there and everywhere. You spend hours exploring and still miss some hidden corner.

Day 507 (pic)

Lots to admire

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 13,443km