I rode to Tak along the eastern side of Ping River, open fields and undulating hills taking me ever closer to the range that lies between Tak and Mae Sot. On the outskirts of town I face planted into the curb when I couldn’t unclip my left cycling sandal at a set of traffic lights. It was then that I discovered that the front right strap has completely detached from the sole. That is to say, it’s finally falling to bits. As I passed a bicycle shop in Tak, I stopped to ask if there was a shoe repair store in town. I followed the directions I was given to a shop in which a lovely couple makes all manner of leather footwear by hand, from fancy black shiny ones to heavy duty boots. My idea was to check if they could repair my sandals, then find a place to sleep where I could give them a good wash, then return to the store to get them fixed. On showing the man my sandal, I winced as he took it from my hand straight away and started fixing it immediately. The reason I winced is that they stink terribly and if you touch them, then your hands smells too. If the guy was disgusted, he hid it well and got on with the job. Twenty minutes later, all the loose straps of both my sandals had been stitched to the soles. It cost me a whole 50b (AU$2). Sandals fixed, I found somewhere to stay for 360b (AU$14.40) and had two street meals for dinner at 30b ($1.20) each.

Day 508 (pic)

Eeewww don’t touch it!

Accommodation Free-camp (bush)
Distance ridden today 83.41km
Average cycling speed 18.3kph
Total distance ridden 13,526km