A morning ride through town took me to a little restaurant that had perhaps the best selection of meals on display out of any restaurant I have seen. I wished I could have tried everything, but I settled for two dishes and enjoyed them tremendously. My next task for the day was to find the house of the mum of a Thai friend I made in Bangkok. I had neglected to write down where she lived so I returned to the guesthouse at which I stayed last night so I could use their WIFI and check my email, where the address was noted. I drew myself a quick map, then headed north out of town. I found the place easily, and wow what a house! My friend’s mum lives in what is probably the most beautiful wooden home I have ever seen, let alone set foot in. The two storey structure is made entirely out of teak (even the roof tiles). The design work that has gone into it is awe-inspiring. I received a very warm welcome from Nonglak and was shown to my very own bedroom and bathroom. I passed the afternoon sorting through my video data and backing up all of my recently captured photos and video footage.

Day 510 (pic)

Stunning home

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 7.6km
Average cycling speed 13.2kph
Total distance ridden 13,627km