Today’s jobs:

(1)  Get my piss running clear. The extreme humidity of the monsoon season has left me dehydrated after four days of cycling and my wee is an alarming orange colour.
(2)  Readjust some of my rack tubing which has slowly been twisted askew.
(3)  Glue the nose-rest piece of rubber back onto the bridge of my sunglasses.
(4)  Take my bike into the bathroom and give it a hose down with the bum gun.
(5)  Prepare one pannier of stuff ready for a pre-dawn mountain climb to reach the Golden Pagoda before for sunrise. I asked the guesthouse manager whether the front gate is left open in the night. When I answered his questions as to why I was asking, I was told that the mountain is too big to cycle up and that I would have to catch a 6am bus up (which would mean missing out on the sunrise). I found out enough to know that there is a security guard at the gate through night, so if it is closed I should be able to wake up the guard to get out. The chance that it will be a clear morning is next to none, but I’ve got to be up there to find out. The best I can hope for is that I have enough patience to wait up there long enough for at least one clear moment in the day when the pagoda reveals itself through the rain and clouds. If it is anything like today, I’ll be waiting until at least 10am.
(6)  Get frustrated at the lack of internet in town. As the day has worn on I have forgotten about my own internet wants and started to think about what it means for the residents. A lack of internet can mean no arbitrary distraction. Right now I’m sitting in a restaurant (family home porch) having just had dinner. As I drink a beer a group of guys are playing table tennis. Two toddlers are running amok around everyone’s legs. Girls are chatting. Not a phone or other electronic device is in sight.

Day 517 (pic)

A bit of rain

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 13,939km