I failed to complete my first task of the day, which was to get enough US dollars to pay for excess baggage when I fly over to India. This should have involved making two ATM withdrawals to get enough Burmese Kyat to exchange into US dollars. On attempting the second withdrawal, I was informed I had insufficient funds left for another withdrawal. I set about achieving task 2, which was to find a bike box. I asked at my guesthouse about catching a local bus north to a bike shop ad was told bus 102 would take me in the right direction. I wrote #102 on a piece of paper and started showing it to passing buses to try and get the right one. Myanmar don’t use our number system so I couldn’t read any of the numbers on the buses. After several failed attempts, I showed the paper to a shop owner who had been watching me. He kept an eye out for the right bus and pushed me towards it as it came by. You only get a couple of seconds to jump on a bus before it takes off.

I used my phone’s GPS to keep track of where I was going. Eventually, I jumped off and walked a few kilometres to the bike store. The store is owned by an Australian guy called Jeff, and his Burmese wife Soe Soe. I passed Jeff on my way into the store, where I organised to have a couple of bike boxes kept for me, which I need to take my bike on the plane. On my way out I decided to say hi to Jeff. I ended up spending the next couple of hours with him, chatting about all sorts of things (life in Australia, cycle touring, Myanmar politics, the Australasian dairy industry) and grabbing lunch. On the way home I hunted around the bazaar and found some bags and tape with which I can prepare my luggage for a flight.

Day 523 (pic)


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,162km