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Day 524 (Myanmar Day 12)

Can we even call Perth a city? When compared with the likes of Bangkok and Yangon, Perth is not a city. A city is a living, breathing organism; a complicated system with an unimaginable variety of components; a place that would take years to work out how it functions, what role each component has, the relationships between them. Perth is just a town with a handful of big buildings and where a handful of people live. You could spend a couple of days exploring it and develop a fair understanding of what makes it tick. Places like Yangon and Bangkok are worlds unto themselves. If Perth is a city, then these places need a different name…super cities? Being in Yangon, it has occurred to me that cities are foreign places to me. If I don’t consider Perth to be a city, then I can say that the entire time I grew up, I never saw an actual city. I am very glad for this. Perhaps I would have never wanted to be a zoologist if I was raised in a city. Perhaps I would never have grown to appreciate the natural world in the way I do now. Or maybe being in a city would have had the opposite effect. Maybe the natural world would have seemed even more mysterious and alluring. Not really sure. But I do know now that there are some bloody big cities in this world.

Day 524 (pic)

City life

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,162km

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