I’m exhausted. As I checked out of my downtown guesthouse, I made the upsetting discovery that a nut belonging to my Brooks saddle was nowhere to be seen, so the saddle was not secured on one side. Where or when it disappeared I have no idea, but I’m surprised I didn’t notice it while storing it at the guesthouse. One nice thing that happened as I left was that each of my bags got a gold ribbon tied to it by guesthouse staff for good luck.

I rode into the chaotic traffic and made my way north to Bike World Myanmar Bed and Breakfast. On the way I explored the People’s Park until I was kicked out for being there on a bicycle. I dumped my luggage at Bike World, then rode over to the bike shop on Kan Road. I was happy to see that Jeff was there, then blown away when he directed his team to help me out with my bike. I am indebted to Jeff and his team for the royal treatment I received. First my bike received a deep clean (it was still clogged up with a heap of mud from my post-Golden-Rock adventure), then we looked at readjusting my headset, part of which had twisted around to an undesirable position when I stacked it on the same ride that coated the bike in mud. The shop guys also found a bolt that better secures my headlight, as well as a nut to replace the one that I lost from my saddle. My bike is now in completely ready for a new adventure.

At 2pm I raced downtown on a public bus to pick up my passport. Great news: I was granted my request for a multiple entry visa to India. I had only expected to receive a double entry visa (which would have allowed me to duck into Nepal), but with a multiple entry one I can now consider adding Sri Lanka and/or Bangladesh to my itinerary. It is now 12.48am and I have just returned to Bike World after a night ride with 25 other cyclists. Jeff leads a night ride every Friday (as well as a day ride every Sunday). It was so nice to ride in the cool night air as opposed to the scorching daytime heat.

Day 526 (pic)

Night riding

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 14.16km
Average cycling speed 11.7kph
Total distance ridden 14,176km