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Day 529 (Myanmar Day 17)

You might recall me talking about insect bites a few days ago. I mentioned I had a small lump on my knee. Here is the next instalment on this topic. On waking I discovered that I could hardly walk. My left knee was in extreme pain, centred on a lump just under the kneecap. My right knee, with a similar but smaller lump, was also in pain. I put it out of my mind and after a prolonged goodbye to my new friends, hit the road. I was kind if in the middke of nowhere so was keen to reach a town as soon as possible. I knew I was in big trouble straight away. My knee and half my lower leg swelled with fluid. My skin was hot and painful to touch. I felt that if I stopped pedalling my leg would totally pack it in, so I didn’t stop. I rode 62km without stopping once.

On reaching Hinthada, I checked out one guesthouse but was horrified when I was pointed towards a pricelist on the wall, the last line of which was a price for foreigners that was nearly twice as much as the prices listed before it. I left in disgust and went to another. The guy there looked at me for a second, then offered a similarly exorbitant price, another ‘foreigner price’. I looked at the room, which was actually great, and offered a cheaper amount. He reluctantly agreed. It took me about five painful trips to get my bags into my upstairs room. All I wanted to do was rest and tend to my leg, but a day of cycle touring only ends once you have washed your sweaty riding clothes and had a good wash yourself.

After completing these duties, I lay down with relief. I raised my leg on a pillow and curiously watched my already swollen knee get bigger in size as the fluid drained from my lower leg. Eventually, got hungry enough to think about heading out for food. When I tried to stand, I was suddenly hit with the worst pain I have felt in a long time. It was absolute agony and I almost screamed. I realised the pain was from the fluid settling back down into my lower leg. It took a couple of minutes for the pain to ease, which it did only a little. I was only just able to walk, very slowly and with a much pain. While lying down I had emailed Jeff. His response convinced me to consider returning to Yangon and getting help. The most convincing argument is that if I tried to continue I might find myself alone in India in a worse state. I hobbled down the street and booked a morning bus back to Yangon.

Day 529 (pic)

The head monk

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 63.02km
Average cycling speed 18.1kph
Total distance ridden 14,339km

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