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Day 530 (Myanmar Day 18)

I set my alarm very early to give myself time to prepare my stuff while enduring pain. The discomfort of having an incredibly sore leg kept me awake through much of the night and I was awake when my alarm went off. I ate a couple of muffins I’d bought at a road side stall yesterday evening, then set about loading my bike. I couldn’t walk properly so this was a slow process, made even slower by the fact I had to make about five trips up and down two flights of stairs. Today was a day for sucking it up though.

Once loaded, I pushed my laden bike to the bus station, hobbling awkwardly beside it. A couple of times I stood on the left pedal with my right (good) leg and rolled along. I dropped my bike once. No one came to my aid. Fortunately, at the bus station I got a lot of help as I removed the bags from the bike, untied the PVC tube, took off the pedals and turned the handlebars. We packed the luggage into large woven plastic bags and got everything loaded onto the bus. The bus ride was okay, although the Asian pop song videos playing on a TV at the front of the bus and incessant beeping of horns was extremely annoying. Our destination turned out to be a station in North Yangon.

One of the guys from the bus got a taxi for me and helped me get everything in. It was about a 10km ride to the guesthouse and about 12.30pm when I arrived. I showered, then crashed onto the bed. I had made it back! I rested my leg through the afternoon. In the evening, Jeff and Soe Soe drove me to the local medical clinic. It was like having my parents look after me. Jeff even accompanied me to the private room where I received a dose of antibiotics intravenously. I came away with a load of pills: antibiotics, antihistamines, pain killers, anti-inflammatories, as well as antibiotic cream. The doctor couldn’t be sure about a cause although he asked me if I thought it could be a spider bite. I was told that if the medication doesn’t work in three days, I will need to go to hospital. At home I enjoyed one of Bike World’s incredible pizzas, then happily succumbed to the effects of my antihistamines.

Day 530 (pic)


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,339km

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