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Day 531 (Myanmar Day 19)

Morning brought no real change in my condition, although the original lump has opened up and is leaking fluid. After getting over the agonising minute when I stood up, I showered, then tidied my room. The last time I was here I hadn’t realised there was a room cleaning service, and I felt bad/embarrassed when I returned to find the mess I’d carelessly left had been cleaned up, so this time I’m making sure my room is tidy before the cleaners come in. After breakfast I continued to rest in my room. I watched a movie (actually, I watched two…having Fox available is bad…) before heading out for fresh air and lunch at a local food place. I was able to really test out the crutches Soe Soe had given me. Back home, I started thinking that I could contribute to the guesthouse by making them a website to advertise themselves to a wider audience. Soe Soe and I will talk more about it tomorrow. My leg hasn’t made any dramatic improvement and in fact, the swelling/fluid has spread past my knee and down into my foot. The glands in my groin have also become inflamed. Tomorrow I will revisit the doctor for a check-up.

Day 531 (pic)

Home again

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,339km

3 Responses to “Day 531 (Myanmar Day 19)”

  1. corellaozziebird

    Looks snd sounds like cellulitis. Take care. Hope you are on the mend very soon.


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