No more doctor for me. My knee is healing well and I can now manage it myself. I celebrated by going out for an evening stroll along Inya Lake. I can finally walk with almost no pain. I’ll be back on my pedals in no time! The doctor still says two weeks but I reckon I’ll get going sooner than that. In the meantime I will continue staying at Bike World, which is proving to be a great hangout to meet inspiring people – Paul is in Yangon to attend a conference about the protection of an endangered bird species inhabiting southwest Myanmar; Hugh was working with the Burmese government to develop a forestry management plan for the country; and James helps social enterprises and non-profit organisations strive for social justice in the developing world. And that’s just a few of the individuals I’ve met. All the while I keep getting beaten by Jeff at Words with Friends

Day 537 (pic)

Inya Lake

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,339km