I had a really nice half-day out with Jeff today. We had one chore each to complete downtown. Jeff purchased a camera strap and I purchased a picture frame. Fortunately, Jeff didn’t ask me why I was buying a picture frame so I didn’t have to dodge explaining it was for a picture that I drew for him and Soe Soe. Tasks completed, we visited various shops where Jeff had friends. Jeff hadn’t been downtown for a while so he enjoyed assessing the changes in the city and touching base with old friends. We explored Bogyoke Markets and I ended up buying a necklace with a jade pendant attached. I’m not one to buy souvenirs but when I was told the pendants are a symbol of good luck, I was struck with the thought that maybe if I wore such a pendant I would not be inflicted with another injury/illness and I could finally make some smooth progress in my cycling trip. I have been stalled too many times in the last six months and I would love to put an end to delays. Here’s hoping the necklace works!

Day 538 (pic)

Into the city

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,339km