As if to tell me it was a good decision to stay beyond Monday, the wound on my knee split open slightly as I climbed the stairs to the breakfast dining room. I continued feeling down as I pottered around my room tending to Instagram, changing the thumbnails on my YouTube videos (adding a banner to the side so all the videos are easily identified as mine), and reorganising my data storage system (as I need to free up space on one of my hard drives to let me edit a new video). I met an interesting lady who was visiting the Jeff and Soe Soe. She was a filmmaker who is currently working for a commercial advertisement production company and has previously worked on various TV series.  She is seeking funding to create a feature film she has written, which would become Myanmar’s first internationally released feature film. Inspiring stuff.

Day 542 (pic)

Home away from home

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,339km