When sussing out potential cycling routes through the next country you are going to visit, it’s impossible to resist the temptation of slowly zooming out beyond the country in question, and begin to trace a line along the route you think you might take around the entire planet. You try to imagine the feeling of riding such a great distance and achieving such a big dream. You get excited by the idea and daunted by it at the same time. Then something brings you back to the present. You have to return to the tiny dot on the map where you currently are. You are reminded of the day’s ride you are about to have, to the next hill you have to climb, to the road surface beneath your tyres (or the bed you’re lying in as you recover from a tropical infection). You can dream of the future all you like, but there is no escaping the present. To miss the present is to forgo a future you once had and a past you can remember. You realise you need to embrace the present. You realise you are lucky to be where you are. You become energised to make the most of now. Then you realise you’re still stuck in a bed with an infected knee…

Day 544 (pic)

Distant goals

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,339km