Animals compete with each other for those resources they need for survival. Humans are no different. People with the most resources have the most power and those with the most power have the most resources. Similar people tend to group together, because it can be easier to accumulate resources and gain power when working as a team. The team (whether it be a country, state, religion or ethnic group) is united in its cause to defend its resources and power. Teams stop communicating with each other. Soon they can’t relate to each other and eventually they don’t know anything about each other. This lack of understanding breeds wariness, which turns into fear, which leads to discrimination. Racism, inequitable immigration laws and religious intolerance is the result.

When conflict (competition for resources and power) arise between teams, each team will work hard to defend itself. Individuals prioritise the well-being of their team over that of other teams. They even prioritise the well-being of their team as a whole over the well-being of the individual people that make up their team. Individuals don’t fight for themselves, but for the glory of their team. Enemy teams are considered evil entities rather than groups of individual humans. To harm an individual is to harm an unknown enemy. It becomes all too easy for individuals to carry out horrific acts against other individuals. War and related atrocities are the result.

If only every person in the world had the opportunity to travel. One of the best things about travelling is that it exposes you to individuals from all sorts of backgrounds, from all manner of ‘teams’. You learn that people are the same everywhere. It becomes hard to be discriminate against others based on where they are from or what they believe in, because you understand that you are all part of the same team: humanity. The thought of hurting anyone in any form of conflict becomes abhorrent. Friendship and peace is the result.

Day 545 (pic)

All the same

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