On this, my last full day in Myanmar, I finally got around to seeing Yangon’s major tourist attraction: Shwedagon Pagoda. Monique, a Dutch lady staying at Bike World, invited me to join her for an evening visit to the holy site. At 99m tall, and being covered in gold tiles that glow under the night-time spotlights, the Pagoda is a very impressive sight. Around the central structure are shrines designated days of the week. If you were born on a Monday, as I was, you would visit Monday’s shrine and pour cups of water over Buddha statues. The number of cups you pour should equal the number of years you have lived. I learned this after the fact, so I only poured a single cup over each of the Buddha statues present. I hope I haven’t brought bad luck on myself – I really don’t like the idea of heading into India afflicted with bad vibes.

Day 546 (pic)

Shwedagon Pagoda

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