I had my first Indian cycling experience today, albeit a very short one. It took me just ten minutes to cycle to my new, slightly cheaper, abode. I’m glad I moved. The room is much more comfortable and cleaner and there are fellow tourists to mingle with. I have been battling to keep a positive frame of mind – I just want to get out on the bike as it’s been far too long since I have felt like I’ve made progress in my journey. Yet, if I stay just a few more days in Kolkata, I will get to see the city’s biggest festival. Today I made a final decision that I’ll stay. To feel better about doing so, I wrote myself a rough plan for how I will fill the coming days. It is a good decision to sit tight a little longer, as my knee could do with a little more healing time. I can also be a more thorough tourist in Kolkata and complete more thorough research about what to expect in Bangladesh.

Day 551 (pic)

New home

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,339km