I’m happy to be able to say it has been worth hanging around in Kolkata to see Durga Puja. I ventured out at 5pm to check out the festivities, making my way north with the intention of reaching Mohammad Ali Park. I have no idea if I made it there because I ended up being swept up amongst the pandal-hopping train and went with the crowds, being jostled along in a densely packed horde of people. While the large famous pandals are certainly impressive, I had a more interesting experience passing by the smaller pandals tucked away down little lanes. People were so proud of their pandals and keen to have them photographed. As I looked at one, I was invited inside for a closer look. There, I met a Hindu priest and was explained the significance of the pandal displays. Durga (a god) is typically astride her lion and accompanied by her four children, as well as the evil demon she slays. My video camera was playing up so while I thought I was catching the explanation in a great film moment, it turned out it wasn’t recording. I was devastated. Seeing Durga Puja has really shone a new light on Kolkata for me. It is great to witness the city come alive in united celebration. I am already looking forward to getting back amongst it tomorrow night.

Day 555 (pic)

Demonic Mahishasura

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