Natore is my favourite town out of any I have seen in Bangladesh so far. This is not really because it is extraordinarily special, but because it just hasn’t been as bad as the other towns I have been in, which is to say, Bangladeshi towns are fairly ordinary, annoying places to be and I much prefer being in the rural countryside between towns. Natore is of historical importance, being the centre of old kingdoms It was also an important location during the fight between native freedom fighters and the Pakistani occupation army during the Bangladesh Liberation war of 1971. I rode out to visit the palace and grounds where the old kings lived (and where the president sometimes calls home today); however, I decided the entry price was too steep (400t, AU$6). Instead, I spent my time doing something that is probably more interesting anyway: exploring the narrow streets and lanes around the grounds of the Natore Royal Palace. I rode until the sun dipped into the horizon. Right now I am writing my diary in fading light as I sit on the rooftop of my residential motel.

I had spent the morning washing clothes and tending to my bike (I readjusted my front brakes, handlebars and bike computer system). I ate breakfast and lunch at a little restaurant next door. Lunch was all-you-can-eat rice and sauce with vegetables and chicken for 90t (AU$1.30). Bangladesh is the cheapest place I’ve been so far!

Day 567 (pic)

Beautifully old mosque

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,657km