I am reaching the end of my patience when it comes to attention from locals. People are just too friendly and curious. I had two breaks today where I lay down beside quiet stretches of road, only to open my eyes to find several Bangladeshi guys standing over me. As I pass towns, I‘m tending to pick up my speed so I can blast through and avoid all the calls from shop owners and bystanders telling me to stop. I did stop to chat to one friendly couple though and they wrote down the address of what I gathered was free accommodation in the form of a rest house for students. Unfortunately, when I reached Dinajpur, I learned that I’d lost the bit of paper. I knew it was called Chilli-something, so I asked a couple of people about it with no success.

I was riding around randomly in the hope I would find some clues as to its location when I was approached by two guys, one of whom spoke fluent English. This was how I met ‘G’, at whose place I’m now staying. G is a 28-year-old ‘businessman’ who has inherited a role in managing a rice processing company and property portfolio. He lives in a very nice house with two maids and at least one guy at his beck and call. After settling into his home, I was taken on a tour of town to see some of G’s properties and to sit in on a business meeting about what commission some property salesmen would receive for selling a planned apartment building. Such a contrast from my stays with farming families in the rural villages. G is an interesting guy. He hammered me with a million questions about life in Australia (family, work, love, girls) and we had fun discussing our cultural differences.

Today I never spent a cent. When I went to pay for breakfast I was told I didn’t have to pay. My lunch was bought by a fellow diner. And tonight I was treated to a dinner at G’s house.

Day 570 (pic)


Accommodation House of a friendly local
Distance ridden today 110.62km
Average cycling speed 17.3kph
Total distance ridden 14,870km