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Day 570 (Bangladesh Day 10)

It has been an interesting day hanging out with G. On the one hand he is overconfident to the point of arrogance and used to people doing what he tells them, having come from an affluent background with complete financial freedom and the sense of entitlement that can come with it. On the other hand, he is an intelligent, curious, ambitious individual and generally a good guy. It has been enlightening, entertaining and a little bit frustrating to hang out with him, but overall a very positive experience.

After just four hours of sleep I was woken up to join G for soccer practice at 4.45am. On our return home we ate breakfast then returned to our respective beds. In the afternoon we had another lengthy discussion about the different way of life between Bangladesh and Australian people. Part way through, G got the idea of filming our talk, so I now have a lot of it on video. In the evening we went out on the town because G was keen to use me as a tool to pick up girls. There isn’t any nightlife to find though, and I had no desire to participate in his games anyway, much to his frustration and disappointment.

I can see that within Islamic culture, as that here in Bangladesh, the opportunity for the sexes to interact freely is extremely limited, in comparison to life back home. The needs of life are the same, but the way people go about it are very different. Love and relationships are just one example. I have grown to appreciate the value of arranged marriages, but I have learned from G that while this system has its positives, it perpetuates the same kind of focus on outward appearances that is prevalent in Western society. I have been told a good looking girl will have many suitors vying for her hand just because she is pretty, meaning the prettier a girl is, the more power she has.

Day 570 (pic)

Grounds of the rice processing factory

Accommodation House of a friendly local
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 14,870km

2 Responses to “Day 570 (Bangladesh Day 10)”

  1. Steve CLARK

    the prettier a girl is, the more power she has.,,,very profound Mark


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