My day got off to an unfortunate start when I forgot to take toilet paper into the dunny. While I have mastered the art of eating with my hands, I haven’t quite worked out the best way of cleaning my bum with my hand. My desire to perfect the former is not matched by a desire to perfect the latter. Toilet trauma over, I proceeded to enjoy another day of inactivity. In fact, I never left the confines of the guesthouse once. The furthest I got was the rooftop, where I sought some fresh air enjoyed the view over the surrounding mountains. Actually, I lie, I now remember that I did leave the house when I walked 50m across the road to buy some super glue.

I lazed around until breakfast, then got onto my task list. I checked my fuel bottle for leaks (I had been smelling kerosene fumes). I purposely bent part of my Brooks saddle frame to provide extra room between the leather and the frame (my bum has been resting on the metal frame and I fear I am discovering my second Brooks saddle is unsuitable for me). I re-tensioned my bike’s belt (the intense climbing over the past week has stretched it). I opened my sleeping bag for the first time in many months and gave it a good beating to loosen its down. I glued a plastic part of my bike stand that had a crack in it (from when my bike fell down the mountain). I also spent a significant part of the day preparing text for Newsletter 9. Over dinner, I assessed my idea to hike to Pathibhara Devi Temple in the morning. I have been advised it is not possible to get there and back in one day on foot, so I will have to rely on my bike if I want it to be a single day trip.

In plain sight

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 15,353km