All I wanted today was the comfort of a hot shower and a good book. I didn’t get the former because such a thing simply doesn’t exist for me these days. In fact, it has been more than a month since I’ve felt the soothing pressure of a hot shower and I haven’t washed in the last three days out of fear of my mountain top location’s pain-inducing water temperature. I didn’t get the latter because my increasing aversion to spending money did not allow me to look beyond the $1-2 books available on Kindle and low prices typically reflect low quality. I settled on a few cheap titles then struggled to download them with slow internet.

All the while my body continued to complain about what I put it through yesterday. My quads and calves are very sore as is my left shoulder, which held the weight of my rear pannier during the hike. In the evening I ventured upstairs to an outdoor seating area and met four guys who I had said hello to when I was cycling yesterday. They had been travelling to Pathibhara on a couple of motorbikes and when they passed me, they asked me if I had any water. They weren’t checking for my sake – they wanted some water for themselves. I only had one bottle to last me the day, so I said no – they could have easily picked some up in the next village, which was not really very far away when travelling on a motorbike. On my hike I was asked again by a group of Nepali guys if I had any water – fancy going for a big hike and not carrying any!

I hung out with the four guys and partook in their home-made alcohol. I was pleasantly warm by the time I was called inside for dinner. I have been having two meals a day staying here, one around 10am and the other around 7pm. By volume it would be four meals. I love the all-you-can-eat nature of Nepali hospitality. It just keeps on coming until you’ve had enough!


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 15,353km