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Day 586 (Nepal Day 12)

I can’t believe my body is still sore. Well, I can, seeing as though I know exactly what I put it through. Regardless of the pain I’m in, I feel as if it’s time to move on. I started cleaning up the pig sty that has formed in my room and have half packed my things. I shifted some clothes I had hand-washed up onto the roof to catch some sun – they were still wet after 24 hours hanging in my room. Much of the day was spent battling intermittent internet to prepare Newsletter 9. I think I need to wait for better WIFI before I can send it off though. In the evening I chatted with my brother, sister and dad using Whatsapp. We tried a video call via Skype but the internet wasn’t powerful enough. It was really good to catch up with them – it’s been many weeks since we’ve had a good chat. My brother won a team gold medal in a State skydiving championship. My sister is settling back into life in Perth after spending about six months in America. Nothing really new was going on with my dad. My mum wasn’t there – she is helping look after my twin nephews in Canberra while my other brother and his wife prepare to move to Christmas Island where they will live for at least the next two years. I’ve just had my final dinner at Golden View Guesthouse. I will miss the food and the routine I have had here.


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 15,353km

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