I didn’t find any relief (or sleep) until after 4am. The only position in which I felt some kind of comfort was kneeling on the ground with my body across the bed. I am now certain I’m suffering from Giardia. My symptoms are 100% consistent: gas bloating, abdominal pain, watery diarrhoea, loss of appetite, sulphur smelling burps. It’s this last disgusting thing that has me completely convinced my self-diagnosis is correct. I’m particularly worried that I can’t eat much and I’m losing vast amounts of water through diarrhoea. If I’m right and I have Giardia, then I really need to take something to kill the parasite, otherwise it’s going to remain in my system and cause recurring issues later. I have just tried to have dinner but I could only eat a tiny bit. As soon as I eat anything, I become painfully pregnant with gas. Tomorrow I will see the doctor for a formal consultation.


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