I am having the time of my life! I am so happy I missed my turn a few days ago as I am now riding through such a beautiful part of the world. Not just in terms of the natural scenery, but also in terms of the way people live. The more subsistent a place is, the more attractive I find it.

I woke to the ear splitting call of a rooster a few metres away from my head. I lay in bed while it got a little brighter outside, then began packing up my camp and filling my stomach. As with the night before my every move was watched by the curious family, whose backyard I was in. Then it was into another amazing day on the bike. I climbed for a while through the morning then enjoyed the ups and downs as I skirted along the edge of a mountain range through the afternoon. I am getting used to the challenge of off road hill country now, and pushing my bike through difficult sections doesn’t seem so much of a chore anymore. The day’s ride took me through Samdu and Simle. Simle was a surprise. It’s the largest town I have seen in a while, complete with a high school and football pitch. The surrounding area was dominated by terraced rice fields. Rice growing is coming to an end here in eastern Nepal and so people are busy outside harvesting the last of the season’s crop.

I have found myself a nice shelter to sleep in. It’s at the bottom of a hill below Simle, next to a footbridge that offers a shortcut across a little ravine with a waterfall. Several people walked past as I made myself at home and prepared dinner, and a few people stopped to observe what I was up to. I am cooking pasta with potato and radish. I have used the last of my fresh food, so I hope to find a shop tomorrow. The few little stalls I passed today only offer dry food like biscuits as it’s a bit too remote for fresh food to get carted in. As my vegetables were cooking, I ducked off to the nearby waterfall to have a much-needed wash.

Thank god for gaffer tape

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 35.68km
Average cycling speed 7.8kph
Total distance ridden 15,541km