I was happy to get out of Dhankuta valley and its unfriendly atmosphere. It took me a while though, as I first had to climb a steep slope for 20km to reach Bhedetar Chouk. My average speed during the climb was 6.5kph. The valley was shrouded in a haze, so I wasn’t even able to appreciate the view as I slowly made my way up. I stopped at Bhedatar to eat a delicious chow mein, then enjoyed a 15km downhill into Dharan.  Dharan is only the second big town I have seen so far in Nepal, the first being Birtamode, where I spent my first night. I guess you could call Dharan a city as it is big enough to support city-livers who reside and work in the city. I was lucky to be satisfied with the first hotel I checked out, so I was able to relax immediately. I was ecstatic to find the water from the shower was warm, giving me my first non-cold wash in a couple of months. Once clean, I went for a wander around the city until it got dark. I stopped at a café for momo and stocked up on fresh fruit at a market. Just before I reached home I came across a five-storey shopping centre complete with a real-life supermarket. There was something awe-inspiring about being in a large supermarket for the first time in about three months (since Thailand). I am not used to having so much choice so readily available in one place and it felt good wandering the aisles. I compared prices with what is offered in the street stalls and discovered that items are slightly cheaper elsewhere. I bought some fresh bread and peanut butter, jam and a box of cereal that was half price because it was far out of date. At home I opted for the cheapest meal available: daal baht, the same thing I have eaten at every other place I have stayed. I love it. I allowed myself a special treat and ordered a coke to accompany the meal.


Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 37.72km
Average cycling speed 9.6kph
Total distance ridden 15,683km