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Day 604 (Nepal Day 30)

I made an effort to be lazy this morning. I ate in bed, watched TV and did some research about off-grid living. I have a new interest in making a tiny home from a shipping container and I couldn’t help making some rudimentary house plans. At about 1pm I ventured outside to get to know Dharan a little more. I visited the city’s vast medical campus before wandering through whatever streets and lanes caught my eye. I had the best chow mein I have had at a non-descript street stall, as well as a noodle soup at the café I visited yesterday. I stocked up on fresh fruit and bread and found some herbal sun cream to try out. I then returned to the café for another soup because it was so delicious. All I felt like doing was eating good food, so I was quite disappointed when the second soup filled me up. On dark, I returned home where I squeezed in a nap before being called out to dinner for another all-you-can-eat daal baht.


Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 15,683km

6 Responses to “Day 604 (Nepal Day 30)”

  1. uteundkonrad

    Hello Marc, it seems You are back and healthy – that’s very good. How is Your plan to go further after Nepal? Packed in a “shipping container”??? Myanmar will be a problem.


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