Today was a really nice day on the bike. Yesterday’s difficult climb was rewarded with a shiver-inducing descent (so cold) and I didn’t pedal for many kilometres. It took some time for my legs to warm up and settle in. Once they did, they carried me alongside a river that has carved out a beautiful valley. There was a perfect mix of climbs, descents and turns. Overall, I was gradually heading uphill as I was following the river upstream. I decided I would push myself harder during my first leg than I have on recent days – lately I’ve got into the habit of stopping more frequently than I need to and eating too much. I kept riding until I was really hungry, which was 34km. I stopped at a nice little roadside restaurant where I had two heaped platefuls of daal baht for 120r (AU$1.50). This fuelled me all the way to my final destination, 46km away. As I was unloading my bike at the front of my chosen guesthouse, a foreign couple (Jennifer and Eric) walked by and announced they had also just arrived in town by bicycle, coming from Kathmandu. Then, as I was carrying my bags into the guesthouse, three French guys (Charles, Valentin and Jo of Voyageurs Vagabonds) emerged and similarly announced they were travelling by bicycle. I have now seen seven fellow travellers in three days, which has pretty much doubled the number of cycle tourists I have seen on my entire adventure (about 18 months).

A nice ride

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 80.08km
Average cycling speed 12.7kph
Total distance ridden 16,019km