I am in Kathmandu and feeling good about life. I spent the day riding with Jo, Charles and Valentin and I enjoyed the company. Having others to focus on took my attention away from the actual riding and the time flew by. I had a couple of near misses as my brakes are pretty much non-effective right now, but I managed to get through the busy city traffic unscathed. I didn’t even have to navigate my way through Kathmandu, I just followed my new friends. I decided to stay at the same place that they had booked for themselves and I managed to get a comfortable room for 500r, which I think is an excellent price for Thamel. Hot water was promised but there wasn’t any when I had my shower. Nonetheless, the place (Holyland) feels like a comfortable home. The room and non-attached bathroom are clean and there is a nice rooftop terrace.

After cleaning ourselves up, we went out for momo. I then left the trio and went exploring. I was still hungry so I stopped in at a café for a second meal. As I perused the menu on the wall with a confused look on my face (the menu was in Nepali) I was handed an English menu. It just so happened that yesterday I learned what the number five looks like in Nepali script. As I compared the English menu with the one on the wall (matching up titles and pictures), I noticed a discrepancy to do with the number five. I said to the manager, ‘The prices are different’. He said ‘Yes’ and gestured to the menu in my hand, ‘These are tourist prices’. I laughed as I dropped the menu on the counter and started to walk out. He called me back in and said I could pay the local price. As frustrating as it is, I’ll have to keep my wits about me if I don’t want to get ripped off while in the big city.


Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 51.61km
Average cycling speed 12.9kph
Total distance ridden 16,071km