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Day 611 (Nepal Day 37)

I’m loving Kathmandu, just wandering around. Outside of Thamel of course. Some areas remind me a little of being in Siena (my favourite Italian town), with its little lanes bounded by tall terraced houses in a charming state of disrepair; tiny doorways that appear to be secret, leading to quiet courtyards and shrines tucked away like Siena’s fountains. One bad thing about the place is the level of air pollution. It’s enough for me to join others in wearing a face mask while walking around. I made my way on a roundabout route back to the place I ate yesterday – the nondescript shack by the side of the river, where I enjoyed another generous serving of daal baht. I paid this time, only 70r (AU$0.85). Incredible! I walked it off as I spent several hours wandering my way home around the south and east of Thamel. I bought some bananas, bread and dried snacks at some market stalls before making it home mid-afternoon. I chilled out watching some TED talks and I finished reading The China Study, which is full of science-based nutrition advice. My view of food has changed as I have read it, simply by being informed of scientific research to which I haven’t been exposed. As with anything though, I’m sure there are some seemingly sound arguments against the ideas it purports. Time will tell if it will shape the way I eat. For months now I have consumed almost no dairy products (except for what is in the bread I have taken to eating lately). I have also avoided meat for financial reasons. In the evening I found a little place for more dahl baht, then kind of regretted it. I ate too much simply because I could and I should probably be having a little more variation in my diet. It will be interesting to see what food is available at the school where I’ll be volunteering.


Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km

2 Responses to “Day 611 (Nepal Day 37)”

  1. The Year I Touched My Toes

    I think avoiding meat in places like Nepal is a good idea when you see the refrigeration – that is the lack of it. I didn’t drink milk while I was trekking in Nepal and felt better because of it.Well I think it was one of the contributing factors to feeling fantastic while i was there. Louise


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