Before going to bed last night, I switched off my alarm and made sure I had breakfast food in my room. With no need to be anywhere, I had a pleasantly long morning in bed. I spent a lot of time researching ‘tiny house’ building techniques and watching miscellaneous TED talks. I got moving around noon when I requested a hot shower and was given a key to a room with a hot water bathroom attached. I spent the afternoon as I did the morning, with the addition of starting to read Forks Over Knives. In the evening I got a message from a Perth friend who has just arrived in Thamel. Leah has come to Nepal as a volunteer nurse and has just spent two weeks working at a medical post servicing several villages west of Kathmandu. I joined Leah and her teammates for dinner and a drink. It was really nice seeing a face from home!

A city in repair

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Total distance ridden 16,071km