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Day 614 (Nepal Day 40)

I am so drained after my first full day as part of the school. The simple story is that I spent the morning running two classes, the afternoon hand-washing clothes and cleaning the bathroom made available to me, and the evening joining a Toastmasters gathering. The long story requires much more time to write about than my tired mind will allow. Some tidbits:

  • As I woke, children were already up and being run through exercise drills in the school courtyard.

  • After breakfast (eaten in the cafeteria amongst the students), I watched a gathering of students in the courtyard sing a song that could have been Nepal’s national anthem. There were yet more drills as another group of students practised a display that they will perform at their sports carnival later in the month.

  • My two classes went well, despite my complete inexperience in being in front of a class. I was simply shown into each class and left on my own. For my first classes I am just introducing myself and my bicycle journey and running question and answer sessions.

  • Lunch (in fact all meals) are taken alongside the students and I’m surrounded by kids asking all sorts of things. No escaping them!

  • My bathroom, though private, was filthy and run down. Despite being assured things would be fixed, the light doesn’t work and there is no running water. I have to fill up a bucket outside, which I will have to use for washing myself and flushing the toilet. I gave every surface a scrub, so the bathroom as least feels safe to be in.

  • One annoying thing is that I am staying in a room at the very top of the school building. To get there I need to walk up about eight flight of stairs, some of which are blocked by gates. These gates get locked at different times of the day to prevent students accessing floors they shouldn’t be on. Unfortunately this means I am not free to go to my room throughout the day and I am always at risk of being locked in or out. There is good reason for the gates (e.g. at night they prevent the girl and guy boarders from mixing), but it’s super annoying for me because I can’t duck back to my room whenever I please.

  • I have just spent too long coming up with ideas for tomorrow’s lessons.

At least it’s exercise

Accommodation School at which I’m volunteering
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km

4 Responses to “Day 614 (Nepal Day 40)”

  1. corellaozziebird

    In reference to your interest in going meat free – I just watched a movie on youtube that my daughter recommended to me called Vegan 2017. Such an eye opener. So if you get a chance between classes or whatever have a look. It sold me that’s for sure. Still loving following your fascinating journey. Thanks heaps for sharing it. Coralie.

    • Budgie Escapee

      Thanks for telling me about it – I’ll definitely check it out. These things (as with all things) should be watched with a critical mind as they can often stretch the truth too much…but at the same time they generally offer some important lessons/useful new perspectives on things we can easily neglect to think about.


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