Class went well today and I felt more comfortable being in charge of a room full of kids. I had three different classes and ran through the same activity with each. The activity was Two Truths, One Lie. I used it as an exercise to see what they remembered from my introduction and encourage them to come up with investigatory questions to try and uncover my lie. I gave the students a turn at coming up with their own truths/lies for me to investigate. I learned a lot more about the daily routine of the school too. Breakfast is provided to all students, not just the “hostellers” who live at the school. This is followed by an assembly in the front courtyard during which kids present daily news to their fellow students who are standing to attention. The classes then begin. There are nine periods every day and each one is 40 minutes long. There are four periods before lunch and five periods after. Lunch break is 30 minutes, which is just enough to eat. There is no playtime during the day. After the ninth and final period is tiffin – an afternoon snack. Today’s was samosas. This meal marks the end of the day. Students who don’t live at the school board minibuses and get carried away. Those who stay at the school are free to have a wash, change clothes, play basketball and hang out. Dinner is around 7pm. After dinner I hung out with some students from Class 10, which is the final year. Next year they will have college (for two years) then university. The ten guys I hung out with all share a dorm room and are left to make decisions about when the light goes off by themselves.

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