I let myself get a little overwhelmed today when a class didn’t run smoothly for a couple of minutes. In hindsight I feel stupid for letting kids have control over the way I feel about life. As with all things in life, I have put too much pressure on myself with this teaching gig and I need to relax a little. It has just been a lot to take in and I need some time to sit back and process the experience up to this point. So far it’s been difficult to do that as it’s hard to escape the students. I am locked out of room during the day, meals are taken among the students and I am swarmed by curious students everywhere else. But, thank god, today and tomorrow are school-free!

Madan, the school principal, invited me to his home to spend the night with his family (parents, siblings, nieces, neighbours and five-month old son). I caught a public bus and he picked me up on his motorbike. Through the evening he took me around Patan to see some sites. On our evening itinerary were two ancient temples which are world heritage sites, as well as a grassy hill decorated with Buddhist flags. There are four such hills in Kathmandu and each marks a cardinal direction. We saw the southern one. Madan told me that when he was a kid, the ancient temples weren’t recognised as world heritage sites and he used to climb all over them playing hide and seek. We also hung out at Patan’s Durban Square for a while. Back at home, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with the family before retiring to a room at the top of the house. It is great to be reminded there is a whole world outside the school gates.

Beautiful or grotesque?

Accommodation Friend’s house
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Total distance ridden 16,071km