A quiet morning at my friend Madan’s house has led to a formal trip to a temple where further rituals played out, following on from yesterday’s activities. Wishes were made, offerings were given and food was had. On the way home Madan took me to another old temple and it was there I learned that the temples I have been seeing in Kathmandu are a mix of Hindu and Buddhist tradition. Both religions have equal use of the temples as a place of worship. Such sharing no doubt contributed to a certain level of peace between those Hindu people who settled Kathmandu Valley from the south and Buddhist people who settled here from the north. The afternoon passed even more lazily than the morning and I partook in more alcohol than I should have. I had a healthy mix of beer, rice wine and rice beer. It was nice chatting to Madan about all sorts of things. Among other things, he was once a monk for ten years and studied the religion at university, so he has a great outlook on life. We chatted about the possibility of going on a motorbike trip into India during the Christmas break.

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