Up until two hours ago I was stressed out about teaching tomorrow. However, having spent a while planning my lessons, I am actually looking forward to it. Preparation is going to be key. I am capable of teaching them what they need to learn, but first I need to discover for myself what they need to learn, and then come up with an effective way of teaching it. I think I have done that, at least for tomorrow. I will have to repeat the process every night in preparation for the next day’s class. I have basically written myself out a detailed list of instructions: Say this, ask the students that, write this on the board and have the kids copy it.

Today was a holiday from school, so only the ‘hostellers’ (resident students) were present. I used most of the day to catch up with chores, including website updates, clothes washing and skyping my family. It was the first time I have chatted to my family in months. Unfortunately the WIFI wasn’t good enough for a smooth call and we ended up cutting our catch-up short because we just couldn’t understand each other. Nevertheless, it was nice to see their faces briefly on a computer screen. I also hung out with some of the older school kids and showed them my cycling videos. Geoff and his family are leaving in the morning to continue their holiday so I will be the only westerner in the school from tomorrow.

Important school sign

Accommodation School at which I’m volunteering
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km