The teaching day was interrupted by the need for the student’s to practise ‘drill’, which they will be performing tomorrow as part of an annual sports day celebration. They have been practising each day for a while now. Consequently, I only had one class that went for just twenty minutes. It didn’t go very well. I have nothing to feel bad about though, as the reason it didn’t go well is that I was dumped with two different classes at the same time, about 45 kids in total. Although the classes were the same grade and therefore learning the same stuff, they were up to different parts of the grammar course. Q: How does someone with only one day’s teaching experience control this many kids and teach them new grammar? A: Not very well at all. I filled in the rest of the day hanging out with other teachers. With my stress gone and my teaching confidence up, I am less paranoid that I’m being judged negatively by other staff and therefore I am more open and relaxed about getting to know them. In the evening was a Toastmaster meeting and I volunteered to give an impromptu speech. The theme was ‘dreams’, so of course I talked about my dream to cycle around the world. I won a Kit-Kat chocolate for giving the best of three ‘table-topic speeches’.

Mum, I haven’t changed!

Accommodation School at which I’m volunteering
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km