Today was Reliance Public’s Annual Sports Day. I took it upon myself to film the proceedings. It wouldn’t be a proper Nepali celebration without starting late so it wasn’t until 10am (not the planned 9am) that things got started. In anticipation of such a delay, I made sure I had a huge breakfast to get me through the day. The most impressive part of the day was ‘drill’, where the students finally got to perform the marching dance they have been practising for weeks. I set up my camera in the window of one the highest floors of the school building, from where I had a bird’s eye view of the school’s courtyard where the demonstration was taking place. The show culminated in the students forming the shape of Nepal’s national flag. Did you know that Nepal is the only country that does not have a rectangular flag?! After some formal proceedings, it was time for a basketball final, which was between Red House and Green House. The sports day ended when the final whistle blew and Green House came away with the win. The students are still to find out which house (also includes Yellow and Blue Houses) wins the overall sports competition for the year – it depends on which house scored the most points from their ‘March Past’ today. I am going to turn the footage I captured into a video that I can present to the school before I leave.


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