The dancing started as the music did. No warm up drinking. No hesitation. Traditional beats directed those on the floor as hands twirled, feet shuffled and hips thrust. I was asked whether the party was like one I would have back home. I had to say no, it was much better. Such a great mix of Nepali, Hindi and modern songs that were easy to dance to (especially when aided by a certain amount of relaxant in the form of whiskey and local rice wine). What made it especially fun were the people. I had two distinct circle of friends: Madan’s family (with whom it was finally awesome to let loose a little outside the confines of their home) and my work colleagues (similarly great to see them outside their teacher roles). I was taught some Nepali dance moves, while I showed off my one and only partner dance move, the pretzel. We were at the second half of Madan’s son’s Rice Feeding Ceremony. With the main formalities having taken place last week, this night was all about having fun. Apparently 800 guests were invited. Amazing food and drinks were available to all, both freshly prepared auderves being carried around, as well as a sit down buffet dinner. It was hard not to have a great time!

My good friends Madan and Sanam

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km