Once again my day has been completely full of school work. From 8.30am to 6.30pm. Ten hours. Well above the 4-5 hours I expected from the initial advertisement. Nonetheless, I still feel that the experience is a valuable one. My former teacher mother gave me some sound advice: “Kids like boundaries and will test you until they find those boundaries. They will then relax and respect the boundaries, as long as those boundaries don’t move”. After the normal school day was a Toastmaster gathering. One guy made a personal speech about a terrifying experience during the Nepalese Civil War. He was taken captive, blindfolded and marched through the night to a mysterious location where he was held against his will until he managed to escape into the jungle and hide in a cave while hard core fighting raged between Maoist guerrillas (his captors, who were nearly all killed in the battle) and the Royal Army. This was after he had taken the courageous step to leave his rural village against his family’s wishes to pursue an education in Kathmandu. And I thought I had problems to worry about!

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