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Day 630 (Nepal Day 56)

Today was an unexpected day off from classes as opposition political parties called a strike to protest against the fact that the government in power raised the price of fuel by 3r per litre. It seems that whenever the opposition party doesn’t like something the government does, they call a strike and force the city to shut down for a day. Apparently they announced the strike at 8pm last night. I took the chance to sleep in, missing breakfast. I did some video editing before lunch, then completed some chores, cleaning my bathroom and washing clothes. The Sisters (housekeeping staff) were doing some washing too, so I learned how to hand-wash properly, using soap and scrubbing the clothes on a hard surface.

During the day I was told I was to join an overnight hike with Class 3, which starts tomorrow. This made me happy as it would be a chance to get away from normal classes and outside the school gates again. I thought I was managing my anxiety and mood well until about 6.30pm when I was called out of my den by a student sent to fetch me. A teacher had been contacted via Facebook by my coordinator and told to prepare the English grammar test for the next day. The teacher had come to school and needed to know what I’d been teaching the students. I let myself get angry about the fact that my coordinator had previously said that she was preparing the test paper, but now the night before the exam she dumped the task on this poor teacher. I was in a terrible frame of mind and couldn’t hide my upset state. The poor teacher thought I was angry at him for calling me out of my room. I have gone to bed feeling depressed and seriously considering leaving as soon as I can, which is Saturday afternoon after getting back from the hike.

Day off

Accommodation School at which I’m volunteering
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km

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