It didn’t feel like Christmas one little bit today, but I didn’t mind, I had a nice day anyway. It started with a failed attempt at another hot shower (not enough sun in the day yet for the solar heating to be effective). I distracted myself from disappointment by heading downstairs for a free breakfast: porridge, cereal, toast, jam, dumplings, scrambled eggs, curried vegetables and fruit salad. I had a little of it all. As I ate my mum messaged me on Whatsapp to say my family was ready to skype. I didn’t want to ruin my breakfast experience so I finished without rushing, then returned to my room and hooked my laptop up to the internet. The connection was just good enough to maintain a very pixelated video call. My family had just been to church and were about to prepare some food for a Christmas lunch. Later they would go to the beach before heading to my Aunty and Uncle’s place for a lavish dinner. It’s the second Christmas in a row I have missed because of my bike trip. After our call I spent some time reading about Buddhism (inspired by the next door nunnery) until I had to check out of my room. I stayed at the guesthouse reading my book in the sun near the temple, then in the courtyard next to the café. At one point I put my head in my arms and had a snooze. I chilled out until about 2.30pm when I decided I should eat something. I ventured back into the world and had some amazing fresh-made-noodles (I could see them making the noodles as I ate). I then spent some time people watching at the Stupa. I love it there.

It became time to head home. I wound my way through narrow lanes, knowing I only had to walk NNW to return to the school. I eventually came across the park I sat at the other day. I chilled out at the park and caught up on diary writing. It got dark as I did so. Thanks to my overnight escape, I could re-enter the school gates with renewed energy and my head held high. I don’t need to feel bad about the way things have gone. I can’t  care less what other people might think and instead focus on making my last week at the school a memorable experience for positive reasons.

Greeted by happy faces

Accommodation School at which I’m volunteering
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km