Today passed easily, partly because I didn’t go chasing work. I had been told some classes would be visiting my demonstration camp first thing in the morning, so after a quick breakfast I set everything out again and prepared a talk directed to older students that included a bit of a motivational speech to get the kids thinking about their own personal goals and dreams. I waited for a class to come and this is where the slacking off began. I probably should have gone investigating earlier than I did. Instead I used the time to do some gear repairs. I sealed a crack in my water bottle, reglued the patch on the side wall of my tyre and sealed up some abrasions in my panniers. Once completed, I ventured into the school halls to find out what was going on. I ended up giving Class 8 and 9 a kick up the butt. Over the next couple of hours I presented my talk to about 60 students and their teachers. I was then told a final class would pass through. And so I waited, and waited. They never came and I never went in search of them. Instead, I planned a to-do list for the remaining tasks I want to complete before leaving Kathmandu. Before I knew it, it was the end of the day and time to pack everything up and join the evening’s Toastmaster session.

The lovely housekeeping ‘Sisters’

Accommodation School at which I’m volunteering
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km