I managed another peaceful day, completing my camp-demonstration talks, helping produce an answer key for an English exam, and running one normal class (in which I picked the students’ brains about the places I should visit in western Nepal). I had plenty of time in between these tasks and I spent it formulating a talk about motivating young adults to think more about what it is that will make them happy and develop a ‘road map’ to reaching that place. As the school started closing at 4pm, I joined the librarian, Birbal, for an evening out. We walked to Boudha and had the best momo I have had. Near Boudha we spent the rest of the evening chatting about many aspects of life. It’s refreshing to do this with people from every country as each person offers a unique perspective and has unique questions. Answering questions about my own life is the best way to understand it, and it’s good practice to put into words the many wild thoughts that rattle around in my head.

The goodbyes begin

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